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Demystifying the Bill of Materials in Apparel Production: Your Guide to a Perfect BOM

Are you new to the apparel industry and constantly hearing about "bombs"? Don't worry, there's no need to panic! In this industry, when people are referring to "bombs," they're actually referring to a Bill of Materials (BOM), a crucial component of your tech pack. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know to create a perfect BOM for your garments.

What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)?

A BOM is a detailed list of all the elements that make up your garment. It acts as a blueprint for your factory, outlining every single component needed for production. Having a comprehensive and accurate BOM ensures clear communication with your factory, leading to a smooth production process and a high-quality final product.

What goes into a Perfect BOM?

  • Fabrics: List all fabrics used in your garment, specifying details like supplier, article number, content, and cuttable width. Include placement information for each fabric.

  • Threads: If you have specific thread preferences, detail them in the BOM. For beginners, consult your factory for recommendations and include them in the BOM.

  • Trims: This section includes details on any additional elements like buttons, zippers, elastics, or snaps. Specify supplier, article number, size, quantity, color, and placement for each trim.

  • Packaging: List all packaging materials like labels or poly bags to ensure your factory understands your packaging requirements.

Additional Tips for a Perfect BOM

  • Costing: Consider including a cost per item to estimate the total garment cost.

  • Colorways: If your garment comes in multiple colors, include separate BOM sections for each colorway, specifying the specific color variations for each component.

  • Factory Collaboration: Discuss BOM details with your factory to ensure their capabilities and preferred format.

Why is a Perfect BOM Important?

A perfect BOM offers numerous benefits:

  • Clear Communication: Ensures your factory has all the information required for accurate production.

  • Cost Control: Helps estimate production costs and avoid surprises.

  • Quality Assurance: Reduces errors by providing a clear reference point for material selection.

Ready to Build Your Perfect BOM?

This blog post equips you with the knowledge to create a comprehensive BOM for your apparel production needs. Remember, a well-defined BOM is essential for clear communication, cost control, and high-quality garment production.

And if you need a tech pack template that includes a pre-formatted BOM, you can check ours out in our shop, HERE.

Looking for a full demo of how to fill out your BOM like an industry pro? We have a full video demonstration with Rachel coming out on Wednesday, July 10th that will give you all the info:

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