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I believe

Everyone should have access to the most accurate information about growing their apparel brand.

the truth about the apparel industry


The apparel industry is notorious for its "silos." Brands rarely share information with each other, let alone with newcomers into the industry. 

So how do we break down their walls and share the secrets that could be so helpful to YOU?

Sharing information and over-communicating with my teams has always been my way of working. As someone who always wants all information at my own fingertips, it's been a mission of mine to find ways to teach my clients and community what I know from my twenty year career in corporate apparel offices.

The information in The Business of Apparel Online Course is the culmination of the most important processes and tasks that I've learned on the job. And now it's yours!

This isn't just about making more money. It's about growing sustainably, improving your employees' lives and helping you build the company of your dreams.

A Pile of Sweaters

the scary facts:

According to Statistic Brain, 80% of Apparel Brands fail within just two years.


If you keep adding products to your apparel line without a strategy, a plan and a rational, financial reason to do so, your business will not succeed.

the business of apparel online course

This course outlines the most important and effective processes I've not just learned throughout my twenty-year corporate apparel career, but also mastered in implementation.

It is built for brand leaders and industry professionals who are serious about growing.

Growing careers, growing brands, growing revenue, growing profits and growing sustainably. 

what you'll learn


Modules 1 - 4
23 Videos

In our first modules, I walk you through the most important elements of any business: defining or refining the details of your target customer, nominating the kind of brand you want to be and setting standards for naming and manufacturing terms.


Modules 5 - 8
23 Videos

I share my exact spreadsheet templates with pre-populated formulas with you in these modules. These are the very spreadsheets I used in my corporate product management roles and are the key to everything. I'll walk you through how to use them in detail as well.


Module 9 - 10
11 Videos

Learning how and when to forecast your apparel line to your manufacturers is one of the most complicated processes we can take on in our business. I'll help you understand this and roll it into my favorite topic: timelines and calendars for on-time launching every time!

Information is power. I've always believed that.

I understand what it's like to be searching for the right information, only to get so close but have no way of truly acquiring it. 

Stop feeling like an outsider in the industry that you've dedicated your career (and your life!) to mastering. Get in the game with the right information FINALLY at your fingertips!

I remember sitting alone at my desk as a young industry associate, so frustrated to be on the outside of the important meetings being held.

as if the insider information isn't enough...

the business
of apparel

the secrets behind billion-dollar apparel brands

A deep dive into the detailed processes, discussions, topics and tasks that are required to grow an apparel business year over year.

Stop listening to advice that encourages you to spend more money, overproduce more goods and burn out your team. There is a better way!

Learn on your own time how to turn your brand into a high performer in our competitive industry.

Meeting Room

so what are you waiting for?

How much longer are you going to tolerate NOT knowing the right way to build and grow your apparel business?

How much money are you leaving on the table each and every day by building more product that you might not need?

How many more loans are you going to apply for instead of making your own profits propel your company forward?

The cost of inaction is more costly to the life of your business than you know.

And the price our planet is paying for us to continue overproducing apparel is too high.

Stop the cycle of overproduction in the apparel industry by learning how to truly evaluate the product line you have before adding any more inventory to your books, your bottom line or to your warehouse.

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