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the cutting edge: leadership in apparel development

Ditch the Fitting Room! How Remote Apparel Fittings are Changing the Game

Ditch the Fitting Room! How Remote Apparel Fittings are Changing the Game

Throughout the apparel industry, teams continue to struggle to get the fit of their garments just right. Consumers have more complaints than ever before about the industry’s inconsistency in sizing and inability to create flattering silhouettes. Technical Designers with the top skills for fitting apparel are sadly becoming a dying breed, but there are still solutions out there! Remote fittings, born from necessity, might be the future of the fashion industry. They offer efficiency, access to top talent, and specialized expertise. Consider embracing remote fittings and take your apparel brand to the next level. Stop sacrificing fit and quality just to hire someone who’s local. Intrigued by the possibilities of remote fittings? Want to hear more? Head over to this week’s episode of “The Cutting Edge: Leadership in Apparel Development” on our YouTube channel, where Rachel Erickson dives deeper into the process and discusses the benefits firsthand. Considering remote fittings for your own brand? Don't hesitate to contact Unmarked Street for a consultation. From: Powered By: 0:00 - Did You Stop Fitting During the 2020-21 Pandemic? Of Course Not! 0:43 - Who am I? I'm Rachel Erickson, Owner of Unmarked Street 1:24 - Success Story: Toad&Co Outdoor Apparel 2:05 - Success Story: SimplyBE Dance Studio 2:29 - Do You Have the Experts You Trust to Fit Your Garments? 3:20 - Ready to Explore Better Options? 3:58 - Still Not Convinced? We're Happy to Do It Your Way! #apparel #productline #apparelmanufacturing #apparelindustry #garmentfitting #garments #fashionindustry #unmarkedstreet #thecuttingedge Like, comment & subscribe to my channel and learn more at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us:

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