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Build Your Own Tech Pack: A Guide for Fashion Startups

Ever heard of a tech pack but thought it was too complicated for DIY clothing production? Think again! This guide will show you how to create a professional tech pack, even without a technical designer on your team.

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is essentially a blueprint for your garment. It communicates every detail to your clothing manufacturer, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as planned. By including important information like materials, measurements, and sketches, a tech pack minimizes errors and streamlines the production process.

Why You Need a Tech Pack

  • Clear Communication: A tech pack eliminates confusion and ensures your manufacturer understands your design intent.

  • Cost Accuracy: Factories can provide accurate quotes based on the detailed information you provide in your tech pack.

  • Quality Control: A well-defined tech pack helps maintain quality throughout the production process.

Building Your Tech Pack: Cover Page Breakdown

This guide focuses on the cover page, the first point of reference for your manufacturer.

Here's a breakdown of the key elements to include:

  • Brand Logo: Clearly identify your brand.

  • Style Number & Name: Assign a unique identifier for easy reference. Use a placeholder for a name in development.

  • Season/Release Date: Specify the target season or launch date.

  • Design & Pattern Contacts: Provide contact details for design and pattern-related inquiries.

  • Development Contact: Indicate who's responsible for development (you in this case!).

  • Fit Block Reference: Mention a previous style or block used for size reference.

  • Pattern File Name: Specify the pattern file the manufacturer should reference.

  • Factory: Indicate the collaborating factory (if applicable).

  • Sample Status: Mention the sample stage (e.g., first prototype).

  • Colorways: Indicate the number of color variations planned.

  • Sample Size: Specify the size requested for the sample (ideally, your fit model's size).

  • Size Range: Outline the range of sizes you plan to produce (e.g., XS-XXL).

  • Target FOB: Provide your target cost per unit delivered to the port (FOB).

  • Target Volume: Specify the projected number of units you plan to order.

  • Revision Date: Track updates by including the last revision date.

  • Black & White Sketch: Include a clear, black and white sketch of the garment (front, back, and side view if necessary).

Stay Tuned for More!

This is just the first step! In future posts, we'll delve deeper into completing the rest of your tech pack, equipping you to confidently communicate your designs and turn your clothing dreams into reality.

And if you need to get your hands on a tech pack template, so you're not starting from scratch, you can absolutely use ours!

For a full video demo of how to fill out your Tech Pack Cover page, you can also head over to YouTube to watch me fill out the above template in real time:

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