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Conquer Garment Fittings: Embrace the Power of Pre-Fitting

Do you dread garment fittings that drag on for seemingly endless hours? Do you ever wish you could streamline the process, identify potential issues beforehand, and ensure a smooth, efficient fitting experience?

Well, fret no more! In this week's blog post, we unveil the magic of pre-fitting, a three-step process that will transform your garment fitting game.

Step 1: Measure with Precision, Avoid the Early Try-On Temptation

The first step in mastering pre-fitting is to resist the urge to immediately try on the newly arrived garment sample. Instead, prioritize meticulous measurements. Lay the garment flat and meticulously measure each relevant dimension. This establishes a baseline for comparison in future fitting rounds, allowing you to track progress and identify any deviations from the intended specifications. Importantly, record these measurements directly in your tech pack. This ensures all team members have easy access to this crucial information, fostering seamless communication and collaboration throughout the fitting process.

Step 2: Leverage the Mannequin, Assess Construction Objectively

The next step involves utilizing a valuable tool: your brand's dress form. By trying the garment on a mannequin that embodies your ideal body specifications, you gain valuable insights into proportional balance. Key aspects to evaluate include sleeve and body lengths, pocket placement, and zipper functionality. This objective assessment allows you to identify any glaring issues with the garment's construction before the main fitting. Addressing these concerns early on saves valuable time during the fitting with the entire team and avoids any potential surprises that could derail the process.

Step 3: Wear-Test for Comfort, Gather Invaluable Feedback

The final step in pre-fitting involves a wear-test. Ideally, you, yourself, should try on the garment. However, if you're not the ideal size for the fit model, don't hesitate to enlist a teammate with the appropriate body size. During this wear-test, pay close attention to comfort factors such as tightness, restriction, or any potential discomfort points. Take meticulous notes on any areas that require adjustment, ensuring these concerns are addressed during the main fitting when the entire team is present.

Embrace the Pre-Fitting Advantage: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Streamlined Communication

By incorporating these pre-fitting steps into your routine, you'll unlock a multitude of benefits.

  1. You'll experience significantly faster and more efficient fittings, typically only lasting between 10-15 minutes. This translates to significant time savings for everyone involved.

  2. Pre-fitting enhances accuracy by allowing you to identify and address potential fit issues beforehand. This minimizes surprises during the main fitting and ensures a more focused, productive session.

  3. Finally, pre-fitting fosters streamlined communication and decision-making during the main fitting. With everyone already aware of potential concerns, discussions become more efficient, and solutions can be reached quicker.

Take Control of Your Garment Fittings: Start Pre-Fitting Today!

Implementing these pre-fitting strategies empowers you to take control of your garment fitting process. You'll experience significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and communication, ultimately leading to exceptional results.

Remember, pre-fitting is not a replacement for the main fitting, but rather a powerful tool to set the stage for success. So, the next time you receive a garment sample, embrace the power of pre-fitting and watch your fittings transform from frustrating experiences to streamlined triumphs!

Looking for a quick demo of running a pre-fitting? Check out this week's episode of "The Cutting Edge: Leadership in Apparel Development" to see these Pre-Fitting Hacks for Apparel Developers in work:

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