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Growing from 7 to 8 Figures and Beyond

Sometimes, an amazing idea with a solid marketing plan will help your brand take off better than anyone could have imagined. Putting together a curated line for an ideal target market can help you grow profits alone, if you know how to get the word out. All of a sudden, your company has exceeded expectations, and the potential for growth is enormous!

But what happens after you hit your first million dollars and you want to grow from there? What got you to that first seven figures, especially if it was scrappy and a little bit lucky, are not going to catapult you to eight figures and beyond. Working off of beginner’s luck and newness to market is not sustainable for any brand. So what are the secrets that the billion dollar brands know? How did they continue growing and expanding past their initial phase of launch to be where they are today?

The answer isn’t sexy.

They figured out how to implement processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to automate their key tasks. Brands that make it into their first decade of business with success year over year are teaching everyone in their company what worked, and how to replicate it. They are simplifying the daily jobs for their teams and giving them space to innovate on what could be next for them.

As a small start-up brand with fast success, knowing what SOPs to implement to behave and succeed like those billion dollar companies can be impossible. How are you to know the details of their processes when you might not be coming from the apparel industry? Your ideas and your brand are just as relevant as theirs are, but you need access to their information.

This is where Unmarked Street excels with our clients. With fifty-five years of collective experience in the apparel industry, working at those billion-dollar companies ourselves, we can now teach out the tricks of the trade.

Interested in getting your brand from seven to eight figures with sustainable growth for years to come? Apply for our program today!

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