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Master Fitting Perfection: Optimize Your Process with This Free Protocol + Checklist

Running a smooth fitting can feel like herding cats. Between idle chatter, rushed timelines, and missed details, precious time evaporates and garments languish in limbo. Fear not, fellow apparel warriors! I have your back.

Introducing the game-changer: A free, downloadable fit protocol and checklist I developed while suffering through frustrating fittings as a technical designer about 10 years ago. It's not just a list; it's a battle plan for conquering fitting anarchy.

Here's the intel:

Set Ground Rules: Demand punctuality. Treat fitting time like prime real estate. Nip distracting chit-chat in the bud. Assign clear roles and responsibilities.

Master the Flow:

  1. Lead Developer: Introduces the garment, pre-fitting findings, and previous feedback. Captures before photos and any necessary videos for factory reference.

  2. Designer: Makes aesthetic tweaks – pocket placement, seam adjustments, etc. – before fit adjustments complicate things.

  3. Fit Pro: Armed with scissors, chalk, and pins, you're the maestro. Mark, manipulate, and pin the garment for pattern adjustments.

  4. Product Dev & Pattern Engineer: A dynamic duo! Fit pro communicates adjustments, and the pattern engineer translates them into pattern magic.

  5. Merchandiser/Product Line Manager: Costing reality check! Discuss if the garment aligns with budget and make adjustments if needed.

  6. Recap & Review: Product developer recaps key decisions from each segment. Raise any objections now – after this, comments go to the factory!

  7. After Photos: Visual confirmation for the factory of the final, adjusted garment.

Checklist Arsenal: Top to bottom, we've got you covered. Neckline, armholes, body fit, length, sleeves – no detail escapes the eagle eye of this checklist. Customize it for your brand's specific needs.

Remember: Running a fitting is a skill honed with experience. But this protocol and checklist are your secret weapons, ready to transform chaos into clockwork precision. Download it for free at, print it out, and conquer those fittings like the apparel pro you are!

Questions? We're here for you! Reach out to us here at Unmarked Street – let's chat fittings and dominate the apparel game together.

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