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Start Planning for 2023

December is a crucial month to work on what’s coming up in the new year ahead. It is the perfect time to fill out a new planner or revise your digital calendar for new goals. I like to go through the entire budget from the past year in December and put numbers in spreadsheets to set growth goals for the next full year. Planning in December is the culmination of all the work you’ve already done in Q4 and will lead you into January with ease if you make the time to focus while so many Holiday celebrations are going on around you.

Back at the end of October, I had the chance to do my very first in-person meeting with my career coach and we spent the day talking entirely about 2023. We learn and see first-hand that the work we’re putting into our businesses today will reap rewards 60 - 90 days from now. Calls you’re making now or clients you’re nurturing today will usually take those 2-3 months to become buyers. So planning for Q1 2023 now is very important. Do you have a plan? Do you know what’s coming up in 2023 for you at your company or in your business? Whether you're an employee or an owner, it is good to know what’s ahead and now is the time to be working on those plans.

So what’s coming up for Unmarked Street in 2023? A little sneak preview of a few initiatives we’re working on:

The Business of Apparel Blog is planned to be turned into a Podcast in Q1 or Q2 of 2023. Focusing topics around the fashion industry and interviewing amazing co-workers, clients and friends throughout the country, I’ll be very excited to work in this new media to reach more people with our message.

RTQ Apparel, my Travel Wardrobe Brand, will also be launching in 2023. Currently pushed out to an early April launch to allow for proper production planning and eventual wear testing, this is going to be a dream of mine come true!

Last but not least, we are going to double down on the time we spend with our clients, focusing even more attention toward 1:1 work with performance apparel brands across the country. The level of service we’ve been able to provide to our current clients is emerging as an enormous asset to their growth. Helping to put solid processes in place, work directly with them on their product lines and assist in planning for their future needs are just a few of the major ways we’re showing up every day. Instead of placing our focus elsewhere, I’ve decided to dig into this area of our business even more and we’re putting plans together for how these services can be even better in the coming years.

What’s next for you?

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