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Stop Wasting Time & Money: The Hidden Costs of DIY Fitting

Are you a budding fashion entrepreneur struggling with prototype fittings? You're not alone. Many new apparel brands attempt to DIY the fitting process, often leading to costly delays and subpar results. But what if there's a better way?

Why You Need a Pro for Apparel Prototype Fitting

  • Time is Money: Fitting your own samples can add months to your timeline, pulling you away from your core strengths. Consider that a single prototype takes a month to fully create and process. That's valuable time lost for brand building, especially if you're not approving your protos in just 1-2 rounds!

  • The Price of Extra Rounds: Factories often double the FOB price for development rounds. Each unnecessary prototype equals extra dollars down the drain. Imagine the impact on your bottom line when you're requesting up to 8 protos instead of just 2.

The Benefits of Professional Fittings

  • Faster Approvals: Experienced fit engineers can get you to approval in 1-2 rounds, saving you months of frustration.

  • Cost Control: Optimized fitting reduces the need for multiple prototypes, saving you money in the long run.

  • Expert Guidance: Professionals ensure your garments flatter various body types and align with your design vision.

We Haven't Even Mentioned the Environmental Impact Yet!

  • Less Protos Equals Less Garbage: Every prototype that we fit, cut, mark up and manipulate typically finds its way to the landfill because it has no further use. When you're throwing away dozens of garments each season, consider how great it would feel to cut that impact in half (or less)!

  • Transit Fees and Emissions: Every sample round will require a plane, train or automobile to carry that garment to your door and sometimes, back to the factory when you're done. Not only does this add shipping fees to your bottom line, but it means more emissions applied to your brand's carbon footprint.

Unmarked Street: Your Partner in Perfect Fit

At Unmarked Street, we are experts in apparel fitting, helping brands like yours achieve exceptional results. Our proven process saves you time, money, and ensures your garments reach customers with the perfect fit.

Don't let DIY fitting derail your fashion dreams. Partner with Unmarked Street and achieve the perfect fit: sustainably, on time and on budget.

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