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Taking on New Clients at Unmarked Street

Currently, the cycling apparel industry is experiencing a large shortage of talent. Brands across the industry are looking for people who are experts in fitting and constructing cycling apparel at the highest level, so that they can produce the best products possible. But they're not finding the right people to fill the roles that they need.

A lot of the people who have been in the industry for years and have honed those skills already have great jobs. They're excelling into management roles and they don't want to leave their current company to go elsewhere. Job security for those who have been in the industry for a long time is precious right now, and so the candidate pool is diminishing.

So what can cycling apparel brands do to bridge the gap between teams that need more help and needing more time than usual to fill those roles? Honestly, this is the perfect opportunity to hire Unmarked Street to come in and fill in a part-time role with hours that you need for those positions!

As a long-time engineer in the cycling apparel industry, I have become an expert in fit and construction skills that I can bring to your brand. Unmarked Street offers a variety of different programs that allow us to quickly come onto your team to take work off of the existing employees’ plates. Starting at 8 hours a week, going all the way up to 20 hours a week, we are flexible in our contracts to meet each client’s needs. On top of that, our team is so fast and efficient at the work that we do, our current 20-hour per week clients tell us that we get more work done in that time than they ever expected!

If you're looking for someone to fill headcount and are struggling, please reach out to me. Unmarked Street was set up and designed to help any cycling apparel brand with their development and production processes.

Curious to know more about Unmarked Street? Here is more of what our current clients are saying:

Working with Rachel has been fantastic. She is professional, comes with a wealth of knowledge and always makes herself available as we need it. I am incredibly impressed at how easy it has been to work with her and have her integrate with our processes and deliver what we need. The work she has done has provided much-needed relief to our in-house team at a busy time, in addition to bringing in the expertise we were looking for.

Margaux Elliott, Apparel Product Manager at Giro

Rachel is a true expert in the apparel development, production, and management field. Her vast experience leads to thoughtful decisions, clear direction, a distinct point of view, and a level of empathy for the various stakeholders involved. Rachel is an absolute delight to work with and has personally taught me so much. I look forward to the next project I get to collaborate with her on.

Brittney Tupa, Supply Chain Leader at Specialized

Working with Rachel is a dream. She asks excellent questions, isn't afraid to say no, and works quickly. She has helped me elevate my brand, not only through sourcing and general production, but also through product development and testing. She helps me make decisions, but doesn't make them for me - it lets me be informed and also stay in control. It's a pleasure to have Rachel on the Alpine Parrot team!

Raquel Velez, Founder and CEO at Alpine Parrot

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