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The Future of Fashion: Why Remote Fittings Could Be the New Standard

Remember the lockdown days of 2020 and 2021? Businesses scrambled to adapt, including the fashion industry.  But what if the remote fitting solutions born from necessity during that time period hold the key to the future? This article explores the advantages of remote fittings and why they might be the smarter way forward.

Since starting Unmarked Street back in October of 2021, our company has seen great success facilitating virtual fittings for clients across the globe. 

Case Studies in Success:

Toad&Co and the Power of Flexibility: In early 2023, Toad&Co faced a critical staffing gap in their technical design department. Waiting months to find a qualified replacement could have stalled their entire workflow. Instead, they turned to us at Unmarked Street for a remote fitting solution. Our experienced team seamlessly integrated with their existing team, located both on-site and remotely. This allowed Toad&Co to maintain their design efficiency despite the staffing shortage, proving that remote fittings can bridge critical gaps and keep projects moving forward.

SimplyBE Dance Studio: Speed and Efficiency Deliver Results: SimplyBE Dance Studio found themselves in a race against the clock around the same time in 2023. They needed several new dancewear styles designed, fit, and approved within a tight timeframe. Traditional in-person fittings would have been a logistical nightmare, potentially jeopardizing their launch date. However, by embracing remote fittings, Unmarked Street was able to collaborate seamlessly with SimplyBe's team, regardless of location. This efficient process ensured timely development and a successful launch for the new dancewear styles.

The Advantages of Remote Fittings:

The success stories of Toad&Co and SimplyBE Dance Studio highlight the key advantages of remote fittings:

  • Efficiency: Remote sessions eliminate time-wasting chit-chat and keep focus on the fitting itself.

  • Talent Pool Expansion: Companies can hire top talent without geographical restrictions.

  • Expertise over Location: Remote fittings prioritize expertise over a candidate's willingness to relocate.

Throughout the apparel industry, teams continue to struggle to get the fit of their garments just right. Consumers have more complaints than ever before about the industry’s inconsistency in sizing and inability to create flattering silhouettes. Technical Designers with the top skills for fitting apparel are sadly becoming a dying breed, but there are still solutions out there! 

Remote fittings, born from necessity, might be the future of the fashion industry.  They offer efficiency, access to top talent, and specialized expertise. Consider embracing remote fittings and take your apparel brand to the next level. Stop sacrificing fit and quality just to hire someone who’s local.

Intrigued by the possibilities of remote fittings? Want to hear more? Head over to this week’s episode of “The Cutting Edge: Leadership in Apparel Development” on our YouTube channel, where Rachel Erickson dives deeper into the process and discusses the benefits firsthand.  Considering remote fittings for your own brand? Don't hesitate to contact Unmarked Street for a consultation.

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